Largest Regional..... NJ??

Which regional is gonna be the largest this year team wise… so far i have looked on FIRST and seems like NJ with 62 teams is gonna be nuts almost twice as big as philly(well 10 teams short)… but it should be crazy goood to be there.

NJ has 63.

VCU and Chesapeake have 64, with 5 slots left open, making them the largest single-field regionals for FIRST.

On the other hand, the GTR has 2 fields with 74 teams.

ahhhh nice… thats just a lot of teams for a regional. Though i do miss Rutgers for NJ i think it needs to go back to Rutgers from Trenton… Rutgers was sooo much better at college ave.

GTR by far with 73 teams and two fields.
I’ll stop by on day two to check out the action in Trenton (weather permitting).