Las Guerrillas Practice Event

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

This will mostly only apply to South-Eastern Michigan teams, unless you’re willing to drive quite a distance.

On Saturday the 16th of April we will be hosting a practice field for anyone in the area who would like to participate.

The address of the school (International Academy) is:

1020 E. Square Lake
Bloomfield Hills MI, 48304

The schedule would basically go as follows:

Arrival: 11am-12pm (we cannot use the ISC prior to 12pm)
Set up from 12 to 12:30
and then free practice matches, probably just 3 robots on 3 robots until 5:30. We would then tear down. It is possible that we could in fact utilize the ISC until 8pm, depending on if our sophomores move their dance.

Thanks to anyone who would like to come! It will be a good time to be able to actually practice against other robots and on a full field.

But, to put this on we do need some help

We have 3 side goals a center goal and two auto loaders.
We’re looking for preferably another center goal (in case one breaks), 7 more side goals, and a few more auto loaders. Of course, tetras are always great. We have about 12. And we might need more if we had six robots out there :wink:
If teams have dongles we might want those too. The ones for radio, so the robots will actually move.

Of course we can always use more carpet and duct tape to cover the floor. It’s just useful like that.

Anyways, if you and your team are planning on coming please let us know.

You can either contact Alex, (Alex469 on CD) at [email protected]
Or me at [email protected]


I am assuming this is for teams not going to nationals? It sounded fun too… woulda’ come out from Jersey if we could have.

GO 1403!!!


It’s for teams GOING to nationals… or not I suppose. It was originally intended as practice for nationals, but anyone who wants to run their robot is welcome.


Team 1015 is interested in coming (I still have to check with people but im pretty sure they will want to come), but we arent going to nationals, we just want to come meet more people and have fun driving our robot :]

We can bring a center goal and a side goal with us of course.

So is this for teams tha have a practice robot?

well ofcorse the ones that aren’t going should have their robot but how do the otherones practice?
Not that im going because im in FL but just curiosity.


You lost me(must be something in the Jersey water :smiley: )… this is for teams (who are going to nationals) that have practice bots? Nobody gets their robot back inbetween competitions. O man, now I wish we had a second bot… :frowning:

GO 1403!!!

You’re not alone, Aroon. I had to read it twice to understand XD
Tis a shame, I would definitely trek out there. Only, I’ve taken off FAR too much work time lately.

Yes, I’m sorry that wasn’t clear. I forgot that everyone doesn’t build a practice robot.

It’s for anyone who wants to come, with a robot


  • This years robot if you aren’t going to nationals
  • Your practice robot

Sorry to be so confusing.

As an update on this event, we have 830 and ourselves in attendence. To make this a full-field event, we need to borrow 4 more side goals and 2 auto-loaders to make it possible, along with many tetras. And most importantly, we would enjoy the company of plenty more teams at this event to have a great time and get in some much-needed practice. Please tell us as soon as possible if you would like to attend, we look forward to hosting this.


So what is the probability that the event will last until 8?

It may be possible for me to bring the practice robot if I get it put back together this week.

Have Gail give me a call to see what can be done about the other missing pieces.


Very good. The sophomores did indeed move their dance.

If we get enough response, it will definitely go until 8.

As of now we think attendence will be:

and 830.
Possibly 1213.

Anyone else interested?

Sorry to post again, right after myself.

Anyways, we’re having to call off the event. Due to lack of driver ability to attend, and lack of response.

Sorry to 27, 1213, 830, and 1015.

Hope to see everyone at nationals!

No problem here. I really need to do my taxes today instead of fetching the Fridge, tools, batterys, and such. :smiley:

awsome job you guys …you guys will definately help a lot of teams and good luck at the nationals… … last time i saw a team do a practice event they got a judge award. . good luck:D

i wish our team could go there to join you… but we have a LAN Party (fundraiser)… . open gaming and cs tourny… on the 16th