Las Vegas Regional Videos?

Hey All
I was just wondering if anyone recorded matches #10 and 27 from the Las Vegas Regional. My team only deployed our minibot twice, and I missed it. The official webcast focused on other teams during those matches, so I didn’t get to see the minibot go up. If anyone has the videos, could you please let me know where to find them?

Um, if 166 was in the match then I have it but otherwise no. I just finished uploading both matches of the finals to youtube which took 6 hours because hotel internet sucks. Here are the finals and I am uploading the rest of what I have now.

Final 1:

Final 2:

They’re all here:

No 166 was not in that match. Thanks though.

All LV matches are available at the link I mentioned.

True, but I believe he said the shots provided by the video feeds captured in our website didn’t capture the action he desires and he is looking for different sources of video.

Yeah our robot was completely out of the frame, so I didn’t get to see it :frowning:

Gottcha. Sorry 'bout that.

I went back to watch the eliminations again and was really disappointed in how poor the T&M camera crew did. Way to much zooming in on minibots and drivers. They only captured about 20% of the action. I feel you pain. I hope you are able to find some good video.


I’ll see if I can con one of our students into posting my video on the web…although it’s really lousy, mostly of our robot, and only our matches.

But I did manage to get the one time our autonomous worked