Las Vegas

I’m the CFO for Team 4, anyways we are going to the Las Vegas Regional and I was wondering where are other teams booking their rooms for the regional

I actually go to UNLV (where the Las Vegas Regional is being held, for anyone who doesn’t know) and know the area very well. I would try looking at the Hard Rock casino first, it’s really close to the university (probably closest, in fact), and I know they’ve offered deals to FRC teams in the past. There’s also the Embassy Suites on Swenson Ave., which is probably the second closest one to the Thomas and Mac Center. Then there’s Terrible’s Casino, right behind the Atomic Testing Museum, also very close. Anything beyond that and you start to approach the boundry of walking distance. Also, I know that in the past, the school has offered unused dorm rooms to FRC teams, but I don’t know if there are any this year.

There are lots of meal/room deals at casinos if you have enough adults to book them for you.
Otherwise, lots of inexpensive decent places both in downtown and the strip.

Or, if you wanna make it real pleasant, book it at the Bellagio.:slight_smile:

We stayed at Circus Circus in the past so that the kids could go to the amusement park at their leisure without leaving the hotel.

I’m not sure how it was arraigned, but when we went there a couple years ago we stayed on the UNLV campus in the dorm. It was really cheap and walking distance from the venue

Chris H

Try checking out the Regional website via UNLV Engineering. Look under Information for:
Teams>Lod ging on left side menu of webpage…a great deal has been arranged with a nearby non gaming hotel and once again there are some rooms available at one of the dorms on campus…Plenty of updated information for those joining us week 5!