Laser cutting and orange anodised shooter/pick up. - 4481

Hello everybody we just got our laser cutter aluminum parts and their anodized orange.

This is just a sneak peek from our shooter you can see our 3-D design on our website.

We hope to have it all in place by the end of tomorrow maybe Saturday. I hope to post the new video for complete robot by the end of next week good luck with your builds season everybody!


Other parts

Thanks for reading and watching and all feedback is welcome!
Good luck everybody

Very cool parts! I’ve really liked watching your videos and seeing your robot come together this season. Good luck at competition!

Thanks man!

The video still uploading, waiting for approval from Facebook.
The orange blocks will pull back our shooter pin and we can release it by pulling in and pulling out our vertical cylinder.

If we don’t have enough power to shoot the ball far enough we can change the springs. We have some tougher.
it takes is currently 8 to 10 seconds to reload and should again

Absolutely beautiful. You guys should be really proud of how great this looks.

Those are some sexy parts you got there. Love the orange matte finish