Laser Engraver Capabilities

Hello, my team just received a grant for $2,000. We were looking to purchase a laser cutter/engraver and were wondering if anyone has any recommendations.

We are looking for a machine that can engrave and cut wood as well as clear acrylic. We would also like a machine that can engrave/etch on aluminum or like mugs/rings/pens, etc. I know that most CO2 lasers (like a K40) cannot do metal or details like diode lasers, so I was looking at either getting an XTool D1 or the D1 Pro which has interchangeable laser modules which can do metals, plastics, acrylic (when painted or not clear) cutting and wood. Does anyone have an XTool? If so, do you recommend this version and is it worth it to get the D1 Pro 20V vs 10V or is the D1 just as good as the pro? Thanks in advance.

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