laser pointer

is it legal to use one on the robot?
i mean…i want to aim better

I checked the checklist the inspectors do at the competition, and i didn’t find anything disallowing them.

Does it datisfy all of these rules?

**<R26> **No devices or decorations are permitted on the robot that are intended to jam or interfere with the operation of the vision system (i.e. changing robot color to confuse opponent’s vision system).

**<R34> **The use of an Additional Part or Material shall not violate any design rule.

**<R35> **Additional Parts shall not be made from hazardous materials or be unsafe.

Then, follow the flowchart, starting with the question:

Is the part a safety hazard or likely to damage robots, the field, or interfere with humans or the controls?

If you answer yes, then it is not allowed.

Check the flowchart for more details. If you’re still not sure, ask FIRST Q&A

General Match Rules 4.3.3

Alignment devices (templates, tape measures, lasers, etc.) that are not part of the ROBOT may not be used to assist with positioning the robot.

As a side note. I have been flashed in the eyes with on the field lasers and REALLY don’t believe they should be used.

You certainly won’t get a safety award for having such a device on your robot.

Techically, you can have a laser on your robot only if it is a part of the robot. However, as a functional component of the robot, it would need to be powered by the robot’s battery and run through the breaker panel.

I dont think it really falls under gracious profesionalism…and they are a bit annoying and can damage peoples eyes

Off the shelf red laser pointers, while annoying, cannot really cause perminant eye damage. The time it would take to damage the retna is longer than the time it takes for the blink reflex to kick in.

Green lasers, or higher power red lasers (Class IIIb and above) can cause perminant damage, but I doubt any teams would use them.

well i would say rather than wasting time trying to wiggle throught the rules and everyone elses opinion on NOT having one on your robot i think you should just practice that much more as to not need one.

A laser pointer is likely to (at some point in some competition, even if it doesn’t happen immediately) point in the direction of one of the drivers or human players, temporarily impairing their vision. I believe that this would constitute “interference with humans” and be disallowed under that portion of the flowchart.

If you’ve got your laser pointer set up so it doesn’t point outwards at people, you might be okay. But using one for aim seems likely to also be at eye-level with drivers and human players, and I very much doubt FIRST would permit the possibility of robots pointing lasers at drivers and human players.