Calling all Richmond-area and Virginia teams (or, if you feel like commuting for a while, other areas)!

The Mech Techs are hosting a lock-in at LaserQuest this upcoming Saturday (22nd of March). All FIRST teams in the area are invited. The lock-in will be at the southside LaserQuest near Chesterfield Towne Center, 889 Research Road. It will start at 12:00 AM the 22nd/23rd, and will end at 6:30 AM! The cover charge is $30 a head, and we’re having potluck drinks. There will be plenty of Mountain Dew and whatever else you’re in to. Tell your FIRST friends!

We also need a rough headcount, so if you can RSVP in this post, PM me, or email me at, that’d be great.

Thanks guys!

You know I’ll be there Gui! My parents say ‘OK!’ as long as I make up my missed work. I can’t wait. HANGING WITH FIRST KIDS AT 2AM WITH MOUNTAIN DEW! WHAT FUN! :smiley:

Its sean from 384 I would love to go, I will try to be there!!

but unfortunately it would be a long commute from Colorado :wink: could be interesting I just played my first game of LQ in about 2 months (before FIRST). Still #1 wish some competition would show up :slight_smile: . well have fun

hey all, yea, well hopefully be there, i get the final say so tonight. so i will post up tonight if i can deffinately go or if i cant. but i cant wait. this will be tons of funn if there is a big show up. i hope there gunna be lots of ppl, do you know about how many are going so far. and also joe, u think that you could give me a ride. i might be short in the part of the plan. but if i can prolly get a ride, i then i should be able to go. aight well i gots to get back to school work. later yall

Mike O’Brien

I will probably be there! :smiley:

Hey i also have another Robotics friend that will be going. its Chris Balallo. just thought i would tell you. later

Mike O’Brien

Hey! I will be there and I will be bringing a friend (hes in engineering, went to MLWGS last year, you might know him) so count 2 in for a fun night of Laserquest!

i think i can make it

Hey, yea, FYI…Its a definate that i can make it, man i cant wait, later

Mike O’Brien

I CAN’T WAIT!!! I’ll bring my camera and we’ll take some pics there. Hope to see Gui, Greg, Sean, Riza (sp?), Kelsey, and everyone there! :smiley:

I’m gonna do my best to get there, with another, but no promises.

*Originally posted by Johca_Gaorl *
**I’m gonna do my best to get there, with another, but no promises. **

Wow, good luck on the drive. I’m impressed you’ll be there since it’s so far away!

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**Wow, good luck on the drive. I’m impressed you’ll be there since it’s so far away! **

It’s only an hour 12 min according to mapquest :slight_smile:

Looks like there’s going to be a good showing from Tucker even though the main team is at TSA! What a gigantic team :wink:

Anyway, this combined with the RSVPs we’ve been getting through phone calls and other channels means we’ll have a moderate showing (~20 or 30 people), meaning…


Woo! 6 hours and 30 minutes of constant LaserQuest. What a rush. Consider this: If 25 people show up, LaserQuest has 25 vests… Glorious, glorious games.

See you all there!

*Originally posted by Johca_Gaorl *
**It’s only an hour 12 min according to mapquest :slight_smile: **

You’re closer than I am!

I’m soo tired, but I had fun. I got to see the ghettorific Drumbone along with Gui’s, well, horrable DDR skills. Also seeing 25 FIRST kids running around a parking lot with laser guns shooting at eachother is a classic.