Last Comic Standing

So there is this show called last comic standing and everyone that sees this message needs to do the following or they will have seven years of bad luck.

You all need to vote for this comic named Josh Blue because he is hilarious. go to and search for him if you don’t believe.

You must do each of these tasks 5 times.

  1. Call this number from every phone that you can get a hold of that includes cell phones home phones, work phones random people on the streets phones every one! 1-866-508-9901

  2. Go to this website and vote for him there make sure to uncheck the subscribe to a new-letter thing. You will not receive a confirmation email about this so don’t worry. the address is:

please everyone this is critical.

Im sorry to say that this sort of thread/ post isnt allowed on these forums, it is included in the rules…reported

I think it’s ok – no worse than an American Idol or America’s Got Talent thread.

The only thing wrong with the thread is that Ty Barnett is funnier. :wink:

heh my bad :o

…on the lighter note… SWEET! I GOT OWNED BY BRANDON!

Do you know the guy or are you just a big fan?

I don’t like the show. I just thought I’d through that in there. I’m kinda tired right now so don’t hate me. I figure I’d stick with the guys who are proven funny; Larry the Cable Guy, Robin Williams, Jeff Foxworthy… and that’s about it.

lol okay, have you heard of Dane Cook my friend? Louis C.K.? Jim Gaffigan? There are so many awesome hillarious comics besides the Blue Collar guys. Check em out.

Jim Gaffigan = owns (in jim gaffigan vocie what does own mean anyway? i see it all the time…)

Ty was much better than Josh, as much as Josh’s beginning stuff rocked (this is my make a wish!), his later stuff was weak IMHO.

I’m not much of a comedy guy. Nor have I seen any of the Blue Collar Comedy shows. I’ve just heard those guys. I did however watch Last Comic Standing tonight and thought that Ty Barnett was pretty hilarious. But now I’m watching America’s Got Talent and that freaking weird guy is on. You know… the one with all the makeup and the dancing and the… ewwwww… that’s funny-ish stuff.

We were rooting for Josh here…was really surprised when Chris got voted off…was expecting it to come down to Josh and Chris in the final. LOVED the interaction between Chris and Josh earlier in the season when they had to heckle each other.

The Last Comic Standing is a pretty funny show.
Dane Cook pretty much owns the world. But I must say, Ron White, Larry the Cable Guy, Jeff Foxworthy, and Billy Engvall are pretty much an amazing combination. Redneck terminology is the best.

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Is he wearing a thong?