Last day for Roboprom Tickets!

RoboProm Pre-Sale Tickets will be ending tomorrow, 4/14/15. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Tickets will be sold on Wednesday, 4/22/15 for $25 at the courtyard from 2PM-6PM and on Thursday, 4/23/15, for $30 from 9AM until we sell out. Pick-up will from 9AM-5PM if you have already purchased tickets. FTC teams will be able to pick-up tickets at the event due to their change of location this year.

Link to buy tickets:

We had problems ordering last night and were unable to get in at all to order tickets. Did you get swamped with orders?


The pre-order sales ended on Tuesday due to some last minute complications. That is why you could not purchase last night (assuming you meant Wednesday night).

The team will be selling the remainder of the tickets next week. They will announce further info in the next few days.