Last Days of VEX at Radio Shack!

The Radio Shack stores in Michigan have been running VEX at clearance pricing (50% off or more) for months now (I assume this is corporate wide).

Newsflash: ALL of the Radio Shack stores around here have just been ordered to pack up and ship back ***ALL ***VEX product (except Starter Kits) to the warehouse by this Thursday, September 21, 2006!

So if anyone is still interested in VEX product from them at deep discounts, I highly recommend you hurry down to your local RS outlet tomorrow and either snag it, or put it on “reserve for later pickup”, so they don’t ship it back! (That’s the ONLY way they can keep it in the store against corporate orders!)

BTW, if one of the Radio Shack outlets closed recently in your area a month ago, and you happened to pick up one of their “shop at a regular RS store” discount coupons, they’re still good through the end of this month. They were for “$10 off when you buy $20 or more”, so that’d make pairs of VEX Motors or Servos only $5 each!

I hope this helps!

  • Keith

I will definately have to stop by my local RS, also I was having stuff inter store shipped, and if this is the case and they are finally doing the recall which was supposed to occur quite a long time ago then I will definately have to go shopping for more vex soon…

Thank you for the notice. I went to my Radioshack today and they already had all the Vex parts (except the starter kit and battery pack) in a box all ready to be shipped. I was just in time to pick up 4 motors. I asked the cashier if he knew what was happening to the parts but as expected he said he had no idea.

where is all the stuff being shipped is it going to vex labs or what

I just went to radio shack and they had a few left in the back and they were still able to sell it to me for 150 for the started kit and 50 for the power pack.

$50.00 for the power pack? Isn’t everything that they have in stock still supposed to be 50% off?

Thats what I thought was strange, everything was 50% off except for the power pack. They charged me 49.99 for it…