Last Minute Guide for Last Minute Scouting!

Competition is soon!

It’s March 3rd and competition week one is upon us. Teams old and new are scrambling to get some sort of scouting system up and running. The last thing you want is to realize you really needed scouting when your team is an Alliance Captain and you need to choose teams!

Here is my last minute list of scouting resources available here on Chief Delphi!

Electronic Scouting

It’s 2022, electronic scouting is definitely viable. Here are all the scouting apps / systems available for 2022:

Name Website Link CD Post Type Platforms? Match Scouting? Pit Scouting? In App Analyics? Offline? Position Data? Time Data? Data Transfer? Export? Open Source?
Koronis Scouting System Koronis Scouting System - 2022 Update! Web App Android, iOS (limited), Windows, Mac, Linux Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes QR Codes, Audio Cable, File CSV, PDF AGPLv3 - Koronis Scouting System · GitLab
ScoutingPASS GitHub - PWNAGERobotics/ScoutingPASS: A FRC Competition Scouting Application Scouting PASS Announcing ScoutingPASS - A Competition Scouting App Website Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux Yes No No No Yes No QR Codes Text GPLv3 - GitHub - PWNAGERobotics/ScoutingPASS: A FRC Competition Scouting Application
FIRES FIRES Scouting App Website Windows, Mac, Linux Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Network CSV, PDF, Excel, Tableau N/A
FRC Krawler KnightKrawler Robotics [Scouting] Introducing FRC Krawler Scouting App v2.0 Android App Android Yes Yes No Yes No Yes Bluetooth CSV MIT - GitHub - frc2052/FRC-Krawler: FIRST Robotics scouting app brought to you by Team 2052
Scouting Radar 2022 GitHub - 2729StormRobotics/ScoutingRadar2023 Scouting Radar 2022: Scouting system from Storm Robotics Android App Android Yes Yes No Yes No Yes Bluetooth, QR Codes CSV Apache 2.0 - GitHub - 2729StormRobotics/ScoutingRadar2023
WildRank 2022 GitHub - wildstang/WildRank: Yet Another FRC Scouting App WildRank 2022: Oops!... I Did It Again Web App Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux Yes Yes Yes Yes No No File, Network CSV, Excel MPL 2.0 - GitHub - wildstang/WildRank: Yet Another FRC Scouting App
SPOT GitHub - HuskieRobotics/SPOT Setup Required Announcing SPOT: A Modular Scouting App Platform Web App Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Network CSV Apache 2.0 - GitHub - HuskieRobotics/SPOT
Scouting 1574 GitHub - MisCar/Scouting: A website and PWA for scouting teams at FRC competitions. Setup Required Announcing an Open-Source Scouting App Web App Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux Yes No No Yes No No Network Google Sheets MIT - GitHub - MisCar/Scouting: A website and PWA for scouting teams at FRC competitions.

Koronis Scouting System

My own scouting app designed to be the next generation of electronic scouting. KSS tracks robot time and position, allowing teams to know exactly where and when a robot did something. Offline and cross platform, KSS allows for offline data transfer via QR codes, audio cables, and json files.


Simple and configurable, ScoutingPASS is effective in capturing basic match information. Some setup and testing with QR code scanning is needed. Its CD post has gathered the most attention this year, making it a popular choice.


FIRES is a mature platform that tracks position of each robot action. It also implements pit scouting making it an all-in-one platform ready to be used.

FRC Krawler

In development since 2015, FRC Krawler implements a match scouting framework that is game agnostic. Setup is required, but is pretty simple and straight-forward.

Scouting Radar 2022

Scouting Radar 2022 implements time based match scouting, linking robot actions to when they occurred. With support for objective, subjective, and pit scouting, Scouting Radar 2022 is a solid option for teams with Android devices.

WildRank 2022

Well documented and customizable, WildRank 2022 is a fully featured web app with custom web server for easier data transfer. With separate Android and iOS apps available, a lot of work has been done to create a full scouting framework.


Modularity is the key to SPOT, tracking position and time data. Ready for 2022, SPOT is full stack match scouting platform with room for teams to customize. Some setup is required, including needing to host a MongoDB instance.

Scouting 1574

Simple and straight-forward scouting app, Scouting 1574 is as generic as its name. It covers recording basic match information and includes a built-in schema editor.

Ease Of Setup

Personal ranking of how easy it is to set up scouting for the scouting system.

  1. KSS - Obviously I’m biased, but KSS only requires you to go to Some reading is recommended, but everything is built-in and ready to go. No logins required, no installation, no server setup.

  2. FIRES - Login and registration is required, but setup is simple through the website. Tableau account is needed as well. Correction, FIRES does not need a Tableau account

  3. Scouting Radar 2022 - Downloading and installing the app is required and you need to provide your own analytics system.

  4. FRC Krawler - Downloading and installing the app is required and you need to setup the data you want to gather first.

  5. ScoutingPASS - QR code scanner is required and technical know how is needed to set up data transfer. You also need to provide your own analytics system.

  6. SPOT - Full walkthrough of the setup is well documented. Some technical ability is needed to set up server instance, mongodb instance, and generate TBA key.

  7. WildRank 2022 - Setup itself is not well documented. Technical experience is needed. It’s up to the user to install the server and configure the app.

  8. Scouting 1574 - Setup requires creating firebase instance, but not many steps are required. Setup is semi-documented. I could not get admin working to edit the app schema, which is required.

Paper Scouting

Paper scouting is reliable and easy to setup. Teams can easily track basic match information and pit scout with paper. Some preparation is required, so the sooner you get started the better!

I’ve found this system that’s updated for 2022:

Definitely a good resource and everything is preconfigured for you.


Outside of scouting systems, here is a list of various resources for the enthusiastic scouter.


As the title suggests, this was put together last minute (like your scouting plans?) so feedback is appreciated! Did I miss a 2022 ready scouting app? Anyone post a new paper scouting sheet? Did I miscategorize an app? Let me know and I’ll update as soon as possible.


Cannot recommend FRC Krawler enough for a last second solution - download Tableau using the free FRC license on a laptop and you can set up an electronic scouting system pretty quickly that gives good visual data representation. We used it in 2020 last second and while CSV raw data export can take a few minutes, it is definitely useful

Thanks for including us on this list! It’s very thorough and super helpful :slight_smile: KSS looks really well developed, I’ll have to check it out

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FIRES does not require a Tableau account. One is provided for you to use.

Would also like to self plug this resource for very last minute, very bare bones needs:


Hey there Anthony, hopping back on Chief Delphi since this popped up in my inbox. It is beyond amazing that people still use the same FRC Krawler that I developed in High School :smiley: Glad you guys like it!


I’m a big fan of 180’s public paper scouting systems and a big believer in the simplicity and reliability of paper scouting in general. I’m pretty picky about my scouting systems but if I didn’t have enough time to make one I’d be pretty happy with 180’s.


I saw the preview CD post, but didn’t catch the release post. Must be the category in the new post that threw me off my search.

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