Last minute reminder for GaCo Controller Clinic.

Hi all you frustrated cRIO users :slight_smile:

I just wanted to post a last minute reminder that 1629 (GaCo from Western Maryland) are having our Controller Clinic this Sunday (Dec 14th).

Since we were a beta team we wanted to assist teams in getting their pre-ship controllers put together and up and running. We’ll be helping teams build a BenchTest system according to the latest manual instructions.

We’re holding the clinic at out GEARS facility (Garrett Engineering and Robotics Society) in Accident MD. We are within driving range of teams in MD, VA, WV, PA & Ohio

Here’s the original info page.

And here’s the latest update:

Last minute details for the GEARS GaCo Controller Clinic.

Welcome to the teams participating in the Controller clinic this Sunday.
Don’t forget, we plan to start promptly at 10:00am (Coffee will be available at 9:30).

As I sit in my office watching the snow fall, I’m reminded to let you all know that we’ll be holding the clinic regardless of weather. Although it’s cold here now, we’re expecting temps to be in the mid forties on Sunday, so there will be no problem. Even if it does snow, we have great road crews here that keep everyone moving.

As for GEARS, we’re all set with assembly workbenches and places to set up your laptops. We also have a shrunken Overdrive track and even a mini spider “Rack” with a target light.

Things to remember to bring:

  1. Your pre-ship controller bin-of-parts (including software disks)
  2. A Battery with cable (We have chargers if you need to top them up)
  3. A 120 Main circuit breaker with a mating battery cable/connector
  4. Two small motors to use on your test bed (Globe motors are great)
  5. Basic hand tools (Screwdrivers, wire cutters and strippers)
  6. Your laptop
  7. Small power strip (and maybe an extension cord)
  8. A short Ethernet patch cable (New requirement) to use while configuring your wireless setup.

If you get a chance before you leave, it wouldn’t hurt to install the software from the Kit DVD’s onto your laptop. This can take up to an hour (depending on your computer) so no point in wasting that time on Sunday.

DO NOT install any updates. We’ll have the latest ones for you on CD, along with the latest docs.

Driving and Parking…

The GEARS facility is in the town of Accident (Cool name).
Most people will enter Garrett County via US 68 W, and then take exit 14A exit onto Rt 219 South.
Accident is a tiny town about 6 miles South on Rt 219, and is marked with a 25 MPH speed limit.
After passing through the town, there is a BP gas station on the Right, and then Industrial Park Drive is on the immediate Left.
Take this road to the end and you will see the yellow GEARS sign. (You’ll notice that I like Sponge Bob Yellow).

Turn left at the sign and then enter the parking lot on the right (look for the Yellow GEARS truck). There is a small concrete path to the left hand end of the building (look for the yellow glow).
Enter via the glass double doors.

Note: We’ll have hotdogs, sodas and fresh baked snacks for purchase at very reasonable prices, plus there is a small country restaurant within sight of GEARS.

Bring your energy and Gracious Professionalism.
If you want to drop in, just call or email to let me know with your team number and number of participants…

During the event, the GEARS phone number is (301) 746-6161
I can be reached at work (301) 387-2331, or on my cell (301) 501-6907