Last post of the 2001 season...

Posted by Ken Leung at 04/04/2001 3:13 AM EST

Student on team #192, Gunn Robotics Team, from Henry M. Gunn Senior High School.

Hello everyone, I am getting ready to head off to Florida for the National Competition, and I just want to say “good luck” in here for the last time this season.

Let’s all have a great time in Florida! We shall do our best in the competition, and no matter what the result is, we will always be proud of what we’ve accomplished this year.

I want to say Thank You to Team 47 Chief Delphi for setting up this forum, a place where I’ve learn a great deal, as well as meeting a lot of people around the country.

I shall end my posting of this season at this 404th message.

Good bye, and I will come back to the forum after National.