last year parts

any one know if we can use parts from last year for this years robot?

no one will know until the rules are released but last year we were not allowed to

And the year before that, and the year before that…

Short answer: Probably not, but the GDC hasn’t told us yet for sure.

That’s not strictly true. Traditionally, custom-made parts are not allowed to be reused, but unmodified KOP or off-the-shelf parts are still legal, assuming that they meet the rest of the rules. This means that if your team is strapped for cash, you can, for instance, salvage the Victor speed controllers from your old bot. But again, this is subject to change under the 2008 rules.

this year we were also allowed to re-use pneumatic parts. and about the victors…i’m not too sure about that. from what i understand they can only be used as replacements to broken ones fron the new KOP

ya it’s more likely that you can’t, given we never could before, although… they can’t really tell if your using a victor from last year :stuck_out_tongue: lol :smiley:

Just as in the regular season, the manual holds the answers:

FABRICATED ITEMS from ROBOTS entered in previous FIRST competitions can not be
<R26> Individual COMPONENTS or MECHANISMS retrieved from previous ROBOTS and used on
2007 ROBOTS must have their un-depreciated cost included in the 2007 robot cost
accounting, and applied to the overall cost limits.
<R27> Motors, pumps, and, Robot Controllers from previous robots can not be used in addition to
those provided in the 2007 Kit Of Parts. They may be used as direct one-to-one SPARE
PARTS for those provided if the provided part fails or is damaged. They can only be used if
they are identical to the part being replaced. Note that the Fisher-Price motor found in the
2007 Kit Of Parts (Part number 00968-9012) is different from the Fisher-Price motors used
in most previous FIRST competitions. Only the Fisher-Price 00968-9012 motor may be
used as a SPARE PART for the Fisher-Price motors provided in the 2007 Kit Of Parts.
COTS ITEMS that are generally available may be used on the ROBOT. COTS ITEMS from
ROBOTS entered in previous FIRST competitions or COTS ITEMS that are no longer
commercially available may be used under the following conditions:
° The item must be unmodified, and still in its original condition as delivered from the
° The item must not be a part custom made for the FIRST competition and provided in a
previous FRC Kit Of Parts (e.g. 2006 FRC transmissions, custom-made motor couplers,
custom sensor strips, IFI CMUcam II modules, etc. are not permitted)
° The item must satisfy ALL of the rules associated with materials/parts use for the 2007
FIRST Robotics Competition

As always, any and all of that can change in 2008. Read the new manual after Kickoff.