Last years cube intakes

My team has been looking at ball collector prototypes as I am sure most teams are and one thing we notices is that our cube collector from our robot from last year actually works with surprising efficiency. these balls actually fit really well and with active placement we can shoot the balls into any level of the rocket. My team has gone so far as to try to prototype our collector from last year to see if it can change to collect balls more efficiently. If you are a team who is fortunate enough to be able to keep a robot from last year I would recommend trying, if for nothing else but a laugh if it works. I think this could be something that could help teams who may be struggling as it may solve one of issues of gaining possession of the balls and leave the challenge to controlling hatch plates.

Just use your 2018 robot with the top of the lift cut off

I got to watch another team use their Power Up robot to play with balls Saturday, and it does indeed work.

Although…an intake optimized for balls, might work better. Something about how balls like to run away from the robot, while cubes tend to just sit there.


This video had a big impact on my teams design decisions. Something similar to this with a hatch intake mechanism mounted to the bottom of it should be very effective. We started prototyping last night and the results are promising!

Makes sense the ball is ~13 in and the cubes were 13 x 13 x 11 last year…