Last years robot

Posted by Mckinley.

Student on team #368, Kika Mana, from Mckinley High School and NASA Ames.

Posted on 11/5/2000 1:19 AM MST

At our first team meeting, we did a demo of our last year’s robot to our incoming members. When we ran the robot, we had a few problems. The light, and all the motors kept going on and off, on and off. On the controller the radio LED was flashing. Then, at a demo we had to do on teacher’s institue day the samething happened. We don’t know what it is!! But here’s another thing…after we took out the wires running from the controller to the relay the motors still were going on and off, until a few minutes later. Then everything was fine. Someone suggested that the light pulled too much amps so all the other motors were going on and off…But after we changed the batter to a brand new one the problem did not stop. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks

Posted by Matt Leese.

Other on team #73 from Edison Technical HS and Rochester Institute of Technology.

Posted on 11/5/2000 1:48 PM MST

In Reply to: Last years robot posted by Mckinley on 11/5/2000 1:19 AM MST:

You haven’t given me enough details for a real
evaluation but my initial thought is that you’re
getting radio interference. That would explain the
on-off symptoms (without radio input the Robot
Controller will do nothing). It also explains the
blinking LED on the radio. To verify this is the
problem, try running it with the tether to see if that
fixes the problem. As to what could be causing the
problem, check to make sure that you’re within range
and that there isn’t anything blocking the receiver or
transmitter. Also make sure that the radio’s are well
connected on both ends.


Posted by Mckinley.

Student on team #368, Kika Mana, from Mckinley High School and NASA Ames.

Posted on 11/8/2000 11:57 PM MST

In Reply to: Re: Last years robot posted by Matt Leese on 11/5/2000 1:48 PM MST:

We were in range… the first time that we ran it at our team meeting, the robot was only 3 feet away from the controller. I was thinking that something was wrong with the radio, but after we unplugged the light everything seemed to be okay. Well, thanks for your response.

Team #368
Kika mana
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