Last years soleniods

I was wondering if we could still use the solenoids from last year? I did not see anything against them in the rules so I am just making sure.
If we are, does anyone know where I can get the proper documentation to show to prove that they are legal at the competition?

This thread talks about them SMC for 2010

Do you mean the solenoids that were about the size of a deck of cards (Festo brand I think)?

I hope so because my team is using them (or planning on using them).

On the subject of those solenoids, does anyone have a link to a spec for them? I have been told that they used 12V but I would feel better if I saw it in writing. There is also that matter of “125 psi rating” from the rules that we have to deal with.

Joe J.

Simple answer is yes.

<R33> COTS items from ROBOTS entered in previous FIRST competitions or COTS items that are no longer commercially available may be used under the following conditions:
A. The item must be functionally equivalent to the original condition as delivered from the VENDOR (e.g. a part that has non-functional label markings added would be permitted, but a part that has device-specific mounting holes added would be prohibited), and
B. The item must satisfy ALL applicable 2010 FRC materials/parts use rules.

2009 Festo KOP solenoid

I had a better spec around here somewhere, but I don’t know what I did with it…

Thanks guys! My team would be lost without the help.

Joe J.

Joe, make sure you have spares. Of the six I’ve checked out from prior years, 2 had internal leaks, either through the exhaust port, or they bled air between ports. Also, although they look the same, at some point there was a change in wiring, we had both types, A & B.