Late-night Build Season Inspirational Music

Ever find yourself alone with the robot in the wee hours of the morning in the days before ship? Maybe your mechanical team feels accomplished because they “finished” the robot, and it’s only 9PM? Maybe you and one of your fellow programmers is sitting there with your eyes taped open and an IV drip line of Monster, finishing up your program.

Well, fear not. The official Late-night Build Season Inspirational Music thread is here!

I’ll start it off with this classic, which includes an awesome video as a bonus.

Happy Programming, and Enjoy :]


i feel like i just got rick rolled…:eek:

Oddly enough, my team overwhelmingly prefers the blues and funk when robot building. Indeed, four members are 80% of the band Funk Uncle, who are surprisingly incredible for a high school band.

It’s weird when my students have much older tastes in music than I do… I’d rather be listening to some Coheed or Evanescence or Dropkick Murphys…

I generally play stuff like Art Brut, My Robot Friend, Modest Mouse, Death Cab For Cutie during build. If you save the upbeat stuff for the end of build, it helps you feel better.

We have a point down here that, even if we fail on the FIRST mission, we should still inspire the youth to listen to good music. :wink: Our late-night music is usually comprised of CCR, AC/DC, Stones, maybe some Who, a few Brazilian rock’n’roll artists and one of the team’s theme songs, Victory.
It’s good to celebrate accomplishments and good to contemplate failures. It’s good, period. :smiley:

:eek: :eek: :eek:

YES I LOVE CCR!!!11111111one

This year, we played quite a bit of Van Halen, Styx, and Shinedown. Our post-college mentors and most of the students like 70’s-80’s rock, and another just really likes Shinedown.

Juke Box Hero 'nuff said.

Thunderstruck by AC/DC will easily get me going!

Well let’s see, my top songs on my iTunes:

A song by Hank Green, Nerdfighter
The song of the Elements
Time Warp
Celtic Thunder
Jersey Boys
Josh Groban

I feel that during build season, I find myself blasting Basshunter most. There is never a bad time for techno

I can’t explain it, but the Beastie Boys “License to Ill” album makes me very productive.

One of the other mentors started a Pandora Channel he refers to Killer-Bee Radio. It is a compilation of many mentor and students taste. It picks some very weird songs that we all seem to enjoy.

Lately, I’ve found the Hype Machine to produce many pleasurable songs:

It’s all mixes by DJs, usually mixing two or more songs together.

A favorite:

Click on the little play button to make it go :smiley: