Late to a Match

If a team is late to/misses their match, but then the match is replayed for whatever reason (probably a field fault), is the late team allowed to play in the rematch? This is going by 2012 rules.

In my experience (going off of 2011, not 2012) the team that missed their match cannot play in the rematch. This is usually done to ensure that the circumstances affecting the match (inspection, etc.) are kept identical so that one team has no more of an advantage than they did in the original match.

Isn’t that why they say you should have drivers and human players in the stations even if the robot isn’t ready?

I’m not proud of it, but this very thing happened to 2815 at Championship 2011. Our coach missed the match on the schedule, and we were just in our pits. The match was replayed on grounds unknown to me (and moved back into the pit fields, as the matches went long and the dome had to be sealed off for the concert that night), and we played (and still lost).

Technically, drive team check-in is in order to avoid a red card under T26, not to save your spot. (You can ask particularly at off-seasons, but they have no obligation to oblige within the rules.)

It’s worth a Q&A clarification next year, but I’ve never seen it fly. (Unfortunately the circumstances aren’t entirely rare.)