Latency on Joysticks

Hello Everyone,

I was wondering if there was any way to get rid of or reduce the latency on the joysticks for the turret and drive. The turret is connected to a Banebot and we have 2 CIM motors on drive.


What type and how much latency are you seeing? Typically, it should be nearly imperceptible. However, errors in your code may add different types of lag.

What really helped us during our competition is cleaning up/reducing the code in the loop where we processed our controls (“telop periodic” for us). Specifically, we told our code to only output information back to the driver station every 25 loops. This solved a problem where our cRIO processing speed spiked up to 100%, causing robot lag and disconnections on the field.

When we move the joystick, it takes long for the motor to respond and even though we push it just a little bit, it moves too far which takes us a longer time to aim. Also our vision processing is done on the computer instead of the CRIO.
We have also removed code from our teleop and put it inside of periodic tasks instead. something that helped was that less code in teleop means fewer time delays and less starvation of other loops in the code

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