Latest roboRIO image?

What is the latest roboRIO image? We have it as
Is there a Also wondering if it this update is necessary for a team competing at week 0?

V13 is the latest, and is part of the NI 2019.1.0 update suite. It’s optional, it just fixes a bug with SPI gyros.

Yes, there is a v13 out there. I believe that you don’t actually have to have any of the new updates. You just have to have the one released on the day of kickoff. However, it is highly recommended to update to the latest version because of bug fixes.

From what I’ve heard, there should be a new update pretty soon.

Alright thank you. Also wondering if the WPILib.2.1 update will cause me to change any of my code? Just downloaded it, but won’t be able to see the changes until I get to the shop tomorrow.

WPILib 2.1 will be compatible with all your old code. You can see changes from it here:

It was released a while ago and has some bug fixes that probably won’t affect you too much.

Sounds great! Thanks!

Thread update: Latest image is now FRC_roboRIO_2019_v14, which is required for all events moving forward to the 2019 competition season:

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