Latest Update Released!! New Rule <PCL 1.1>

In light of all of the very serious and highly important opposing team, referee, and rules discussions, FIRST has determined that one final rule needs to be added to the manual:

Rule <PCL 1.1>: All FIRST participants, both students and adults, must use all of the personal time and energy they are currently devoting to scrutinizing the game, the rules, referees, FIRST procedures, and other teams and spend it instead on actively celebrating the positively changed lives (known as PCL here after) that have resulted from involvement in FIRST.

While PCL 1.1 compliance can occur in many ways, some suggestions are:

  1. Thank your current fellow team members
  2. Congratulate other teams on their success
  3. Calculate the number of graduates from FIRST you have known and find out what they are doing now
  4. Read through the FIRST scholarships and realize each one represents a changed life
  5. List everything you now are capable of doing (real skills) that you learned/developed in FIRST
  6. Catch up with that one special student/mentor and have lunch
  7. Have a team reunion
  8. Actively seek out difficult situations so you can provide a role model example of how to behave in adverse situations.

You must provide written evidence of these activities for all team members at your team’s next FIRST competition. Please submit these documents with your BOM at robot inspection.

Let’s ACTIVELY change the culture people and stay focused on the mission, ESPECIALLY when we feel we’ve been wronged in what seems, at that moment, to be a very “important” way.


(Oh, and don’t really waste any time looking for this rule in your mail or in the rules. This one you’ll find in your heart :slight_smile: )


Well said. I really like this rule!

Very nice.

Check, check, check, check, and…check.

Everyone involved in FIRST should be capable of multitasking. They can celebrate the good while simultaneously seeking to eliminate the bad. If you ever let your focus on the bad get to you so much that you can’t think of anything else, that’s when you know it’s time to step back and reevaluate your situation.

I am blessed to work with some of the most special mentors and amazing kids I’ve ever met. They have all inspired me far more than they say I have inspired them. These moments we are sharing together right now will be with me in my heart forever. Regardless of our accomplishments on the field, they are the best moments of my life. I would be in a far darker place right now had FIRST and these wonderful people not entered my life.

But yeah…consistency!!! :smiley:

I agree, just taking a moment to admire your hard work will make you realize that the competition is a small part of FIRST and the 6 weeks you’ve spent was probably the most rewarding time you’ve invested.