Launch of Competition Robot Parts


Today I’ve launched

This is a project I’ve been working on recently. I intend to design, produce, and sell products for FRC.

The first product available is a kit for a system of elevator-mechanism rollers. This gives teams a COTS option for elevators and other linear slide systems for the coming season and seasons to come.

Later this month I will release assembled pictures of the system with the final parts and will release an assembly and demonstration video.

More products to come. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for new products, contact me at [email protected].

Keep this in mind during the coming season!

Looks very interesting. What are the rollers made of? Do you have any pictures of an elevator that uses these parts?

Neat! I’m not sure I would pay $75 for it, but it really varies from team to team.
How are you planning on manufacturing these?

Pictures will come once I assemble the final kits (later this month, in time for kickoff). The rollers are machined from Delrin.

I have a couple of local companies on board with producing these.

I like that this is one of the first options for a COTS elevator system. The one comment I would like to make is that instead of delrin rollers, why not use roller bearings? Is there a specific reason to use delrin over bearings?

I would think delrin is easier to machine/fit onto this, more forgiving with tolerances, and cheaper.

The simplicity of this is great. There certainly won’t be a shortage of COTS linear motion/elevator options this year:D

A render of the kit contents is up on the Facebook page.