Launch Pad distance

Hey everybody,

Does anybody know the distance between the Launch Pad and the center of the Hub?

I cant find the exact distance, I assume its somewhere between 3-5 meters

202.95 inches from hub enter to the close launchpad and 244.77 from hub center to the far launchpad. From page 5 of the Layout and Marking Diagram PDF, found here.

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I am doing these calculations assuming the hub is in the middle of the field.

According to some very, very back of the napkin math, when I draw it out I get about 200 inches. I got all of these dimensions from the game manual. (apologies for my atrocious handwriting, and some of the calculations could be slightly off).rapidReact

You can find any distance measurements using the field CAD.

When we did measurements to make our field we used the ruler to find distances between points


According to our limelight, 17 feet, or about 204 inches.

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