Launcher/ Punchers

We used the Vulcan springs this year and had no problems with their preformance. The only two caveats were we had to machine our own hubs for them out of delrin and their edges are sharp. We reccomend using some form of work glove when working with them.

Thanks for the mention. 558’s bot was awesome as well. Loved the grappling hook. Really enjoyed the one quals match we played together. Can’t believe that our two shooter bots went up against 503 and 1718 and won. We did have the help of 2826…so that helped. And 558 se

We used one on each of our robots this year to help counter balance our elevator. As mentioned, the edges are sharp. Whenever we had to remove a spring from our elevator to do service, we essentially un-bolted one, slid an Allen wrench in to replace the screw, un-bolted the second bolt, then grabbed vice grip pliers to slowly bring up the last inch to where there was no tension. We have heard of bad earlier of the springs going flying. 25 lbs of force + sharp edge + finger = nothing good. Make sure to be extremely careful with the springs.