Launching a hatch panel three feet vertically

Last practice match of the Wisconsin Regional, we accidentally sent a hatch panel flying. It did happen to land inside of the adjacent cargo ship hole, however, it was not counted haha. We are also in compliance with rule R6 as the panel is moving vertically not horizontally, however, we do not plan to try this again.



Please don’t try that again.

I also strongly recommend reading R6 again, and more importantly G6. There is a component of G6 that involves “in the air”. You really, really don’t want to give the refs a reason to use that.


I want to stress that we did not intend to do this at all. I do know that there is a rule against throwing hatch panels. I just thought that this would be a funny little clip to share.


Actually, seeing as you have a gif…

Dr. Joe’s GIF of the Week contest for Week 5, you may as well enter when it’s up.


I would but I believe practice matches do not count.

? How did this happen?

Looks like the hatch was squeezed between the 'bot and a cargo, and got tiddly-winked.

Please don’t try that again.

I doubt they could recreate it if they tried :joy: that’s definitely Dr. Joe contest worthy.

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