Lawn Mower Wheels Question....

It seems that many teams have used lawn mower wheels in the past. I can not seem to find any that have a 3/8" bore, only 1/2" bore. How have other teams solved the problem of mounting a 1/2" bore wheel to a 3/8" diameter shaft?


Jim Meyer

The wheels are made to fit using bushings. They are located at home depot in the little drawers. Just saw them off to size.

Many local hardware stores have them also. They are usually alum.

If you are mounting a non-driven lawnmower wheel, the scintered brass bushings that were in your kit have an outer diameter of 1/2" and should fit nicely inside the lawnmower wheel; however, if you are using it as a drive wheel, you might want to try bolting the split-tapered bushing to the wheel (there are 2 unused holes) and attaching the sprocket to the bushing in the normal fashion; this is discussed in both the How-to video and the How-to manual. You can even drill holes through the sprocket and attach it directly to the wheel if you want to (it’s your sprocket: enjoy!)