I was reading that here in Michigan laws have been passed governing the use of segways. I was wondering if anyone knows if their state has passed similar laws?

In NH, a person on a Segway has the same rights as a person walking

In VA I think the law is that the Segway is governed as a sidewalk vehicle - it essentially has the same rights as a powered scooter, it must always travel on a sidewalk and not on the road. Although, where would you attach the ticket to a Segway if they were doing otherwise? :wink:

I hope NYC laws are different. At this current time the only thing allowed on the sidewalks are the people. anything with wheels and suppose to be in the streets and are to basically follow the same traffic rules as a motor vehicle with certain exceptions. Bikes I know for a fact are to be in the streets of NYC and are to use the same traffic laws as cars with special exceptions. Don’t know what the laws would be for a segway.

I’ve been up there, and downtown NYC is downright scary… I couldn’t imagine being on two wheels in that kind of environment. Segways aren’t fast enough to be able to avoid being smacked by taxis in that kind of environment, are they?

I agree with you. they managed to put bikes in the street though in the same lane used by Big Rigs and City Buses. Segways have more of a chance surviving in the street then a 21 speed bike. If it was rush hour then your pretty much committing suicide

One gets used to traffic in New York. I used to work in the City and after a while I didn’t think twice about walking along and reading a book at the same time. And I managed on my unicycle in the streets as well. I think a Segway would have an easier time than a unicycle too. being a couple of inches higher would also be an edge. I think that NYC would be pretty much the ideal place to own a Segway.