Lead Mentor Position / Team 5530 - The Lawnmowers / Southeast Michigan

Hello all,

I am the founding lead mentor of Team 5530 - The Lawnmowers in Ann Arbor, MI. I had to step away from the team last year mid-season due to a family commitment and my school is looking for a new lead mentor. I have loved being part of this team and I think it could be a great gig for someone else. Here are the pros as I see them:

  • Paid position.

  • Built-in student population to recruit from. Our students are very motivated and smart.

  • Supportive school. School has supported the team financially. Little to no fundraising necessary.

  • Fun team identity with cool props - yes, there is a full size lawnmower costume.

  • You can say your team once won an event from the 8 seed.

School is going to post a job description soon, but I can share it before they post with anyone who is interested. I am really motivated to find someone who can take over this wonderful team. Please PM me with any interest or questions.

Alex Monte-Sano

Here is some media from past years in case it is motivating:
Behind the Bumpers
2020 Season
2018 Season Recap
2017 Sean Recap


Adding a link to the job posting.

Feel free to be in touch with questions.


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