Leadership of 2415 not allowed to participate at Houston: looking for a team to help out

Hey everyone, I was the driver for team 2415 until some issues with the coaches prevented me from driving this year at Houston. In addition to this past year, I also have experience driving from the 2016 and 2017 seasons. Over my tenure, I have won 4 blue banners (including 2 this season driving as a defense bot) as well as reached Einsteins as the first pick robot in 2017.

As this year is my last year with FRC before I graduate, I would really love to actively participate at Champs. Since I am unable to drive for 2415, I want to offer my expertise and years of experience to any team that might be wanting a drive coach with Einstein’s field experience.

Due to the same issues with coaches, the rest of the former 2415 drive team is available to come with me (they include our Director of Code, Director of Fab, Director of CAD, and VP of Engineering). They are extremely experienced in fabrication, assembly, and coding in Java as well as being on the field, acting as human player, and making callouts during matches.

Relevant match film:

Einstein’s 2017 (beat Robonauts and Citrus Circuits by defending a climb): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QAJtgBSRlTg

PCH State Champs Finals (defended 1746 and stopped 7427’s climb):

PCH State Champs Semifinals (defended 1261/832 and prevented 832 from climbing)

Attached is an image of the 5 of us just for reference: https://i.imgur.com/VBwzgY6.jpg

We know this sounds crazy, but we are completely serious and genuinely want to offer as much help as we can. For several of us, this is our last FRC competition as students and we not only want to make the most of it for ourselves but hopefully help others with our combined years of experience.


Without you explaining why you’ve been removed from your team, why would anybody else want to ask you to join their’s?


I’m obviously not attending Houston Champs with a team, but I find it pretty hard to imagine a situation with the entire leadership getting kicked out that doesn’t have blame on both sides at least.


We held a strategy meeting after curfew at state champs and the coaches banned us from participating at Houston. We’ve had a lot of mentor-turnover these last couple years and our only two mentors left are college-age alumns of the team. They got to the hotel at 11:00 and we held the meeting as soon as they got there.


The coaches felt disrespected that they were not notified about the meeting, which is our fault, however, rather than sit out our last FRC competition we would rather help other teams succeed.


As you’re using the terms, could you clarify the difference between a coach and mentor? I’m used to using the two interchangeably…


The coaches are teachers at our school, but they have limited FRC experience, while our mentors are usually alumns who come back to help team.


The irony is that had this dirty laundry not been aired, your team providing senior leadership as a peer mentorship opportunity to rookie teams at Worlds would have made for an awesome “Gracious Professionalism” move.


Are there older adult mentors of other local teams your coaches respect? You might reach out and ask them to intercede on your behalf.


We would love to adopt all of you. We have shirts for you If you want to join our team for the week. Shoot our drive coach a text if you’re interested (please pm me (number removed by mod))
We’d love to have y’all!!


Big vouch for all five of these people. It may not sound much, but I got the chance to meet and become friends with these fellow 2415 members throughout this season from the PCH Forsyth District event all the way to the PCH District Championship event. Not only are they super hard-working, but they are also willing to work effectively as a team. Mad respect to Nathan, Julia, Isabella, Michael, and Sidney, despite the ups and downs they have gone through this season.


We felt like it might look suspicious for us to just offer up senior leadership to other teams for the entire duration of Houston since our robot isn’t exactly in a state where we can really afford to let experienced members go.


Thank you so much! We’ll definitely be in touch


Unless you’re planning to dress up as a Scooby Doo villain, I’m sure most teams will take you at your word.


So yeah, they remove the number so just send me a message for the number.

Best wishes however this turns out for you!

It really sucks when little miscommunications turn the best intentions into punishable offences. I hope you can get in with another team and really make your last competition your best!

I’m slated to go to Detroit, so I can’t really help directly, so I’ll just say that GP flows deep and wide within FIRST, especially so at the championships. I’m sure you’ll be able to find a team able to take you in, and that both of you can be mutually supported.

I’d love to be able to meet you guys, you really seem to embody the principles of FIRST in a fun, engaging way. (continues to obliterate 2champs horse) But I guess CD will have to suffice.

Best wishes for all of you!


Without getting too meta here, I’m proud of everyone for keeping this thread civil. I was expecting a total SNAFU when I clicked on this bad boy.


I’m amazed that three teams (2974, 4910 & 2415) who cover tightly overlapping areas (if we’d stayed in GA my kids would have been with one of them) were able to combine at the district champs and win Peachtree.
I am not amazed, nor surprised, that a school with a heavy religious connection would enforce their rules really tightly. That’s their choice, I’m pretty sure the rules were explicit.
It is sad that the school could dump the horse that brung them like this. It’s not the way the real world works.


If you don’t find a situation that works out with a team or if they experience of switching teams for champs is not what you expected, I’d recommend volunteering. Volunteering at Champs is lots of fun and there’s a solid chance they still need people.


Wait… I’m curious. We’re you “punished” because you left/ let someone in your room after curfew, or because you held the strategy meeting itself? Because I know if it was breaking “room occupancy” on our team you probably wouldn’t be allowed to travel with the team again. (School policy makes us “tape in” students at night) So does that mean you’re traveling on your own? (With a parent) or are you still traveling with the team?