Leadership Training Resources - Curriculum Development

Hi everyone! We (NRG 948) developed leadership training curriculum with our teacher advisor to help prepare our leadership team for the upcoming season. Earlier this summer, we taught the curriculum to the student leadership of the Bellevue Alliance (492, 948, 949, 1899, 2412, and 7461). We received positive feedback from the BA and thought it might be helpful for other teams to set up their curriculum for the training season. Enjoy!

How to Develop Curriculum Training

  1. Training Slides
  2. List of Training Standards
  3. Standards Activity
  4. Lesson Plan Template
  5. How to Plan a Lesson

What is being a Leader?
6. What is Being a Leader Training



Hey, thanks for sharing this! Well done!

We have a new teacher coach this year I’m helping bring up to speed, and the school is offering a robotics class for the first time, so we’re working on curriculum. The resources you shared will help as we engage students & mentors.

If there are more examples of lessons already documented using the approach & templates that could be shared, please do. Thank you!


Hi! Our student leadership team is still in the process of developing the curriculum for the upcoming training season. Since they’re student designed, we need to review them to make sure they follow this curriculum development process, meaning we don’t have examples of lessons yet. Recently though, we implemented a certification program that emphasizes the standards to assessable skills component of curriculum if you’d like a template and example of that.

Pinging you before this thread closes. Did your team make progress on the training that you can share?

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