"Leading Edge" definition

Hi CD,

I’ve done a brief search of a post of this question, but I did not find any. (perhaps I didn’t read all the rules carefully yet… tell me if that’s the case)

Rule R04 says that protrusions with less that 1 square inch of the surface of the protrusion will invite a detailed extension.

I do not believe “leading edge” is defined in the earlier sections of the PDF. Also, is there a limitation on how big this protrusion can be…

Again, if it’s already in the rule books, please delete this post…

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since it’s not in all caps, it’s not an official term. it’s simply the faces of the robot pointing in the primary driving directions. basically, nothing pointy sticking out to poke someone you run into accidentally, and nothing pointy to poke the balls or ramp either.

<R04> and some of the other rules in its section happen to be some of the “constant” rules in FRC. Same applications as last year, the year before, etc.