league of legends

im wondering after a debate with a teammate:

does anyone else in other school’s robotics teams play the game league of legends?

i thought that since atleast 5 of my team play that logical people on other teams must also play

nope, our team plays minecraft

Our team is split between the two.

we play league of legends all day =)

Four mentors and two students play regularly.

Go Lux.

A lot of members play COD on our team. When we are on bus rides to competitions, its a full out 8 person game of Mario Kart DS.

one of the best activities ever created, we kart as well

Hi, my name is Jack, and I’m also a LoL addict. :slight_smile:

If anybody wants to get a game going, PM me for my handle.

Bringing this thread back. Maybe ~15 people on The Holy Cows play, myself included.

We have a fair number of people that play (until they graduated, that is). However, we still have quite a few that still enjoy playing regularly.

Volibear is the way to go!

I used to play a little. I know we have at least 3 people on our team that are addicts.

I prefer Dota 2… DON’T HATE ME

I’ve seen a lot of people play League of Legends, but I’ve never seen someone genuinely enjoy playing League of Legends. It seems like one of those games where enough can go wrong that there is always something to complain about.

As far as I know, only a handful of Shaker students play. Minecraft and COD is much more popular. I play consoles most of the time so I can’t really relate to the students directly anymore.

This, although I came from HoN, not LoL. I tried LoL once or twice, but couldn’t get into it. Dota 2 is pretty good.

I’ve been playing DotA2 rather than LoL for awhile now. LoL grew stale; DotA is a whole new world of things to learn and ways to screw up.

We have two on 3397 who LoL, and I would be happy to set up a match with anyone who wants to PM me their summoner name (Given, due to a time-crunch,this might not get set up for a while).

@Chris, Me and my friends can genuinely enjoy a game of LoL, especially when we are hanging out, playing a match in the same room. It is a nice way to hang out together. And, if you are having fun, the complaints tend to go down a little bit.

We had a few students and mentors playing LoL at our 24 Hour Gaming Marathon for Extra-Life.

I enjoy playing, but with a 2 year old and the FIRST season right around the corner, I don’t have the time to play.


I’m the only one on my team who plays (which is kind of a disappointment)

I’m the best solo top/Mid Zed in NA. Not to brag or anything :smiley: