leaky pnuematics????

Posted by Tim Gates at 03/14/2001 6:50 PM EST

Engineer on team #288, RoboDawgs, from Grandville High School and X-Rite/Delphi.

When chasing around your fittings because you can not understand why your compressor keeps cycling on and off, plug your exhaust ports before you start tightning fittings. The cylinder piston seals are not perfect and some air can leak by from the pressure side to the exhaust side. These single solenoid valves connect the exhaust ports to one end of the cylinder all the time. If your exhaust ports are plugged and you can see a visible drop in your volume tank pressure, get out the check leak (or a spray bottle of soap and water) and start looking. Don’t overlook the pressure relief valve that comes attached to the compressor.

Posted by Jason Rudolph at 03/15/2001 7:57 PM EST

Coach on team #459, Rampage, from University of Florida/Eastside High School and Adaptive Equipment.

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Posted by Tim Gates on 03/14/2001 6:50 PM EST:

The sopy water works well, but in the pits, it’s hard to find sometimes. We found another way to check for leaks. Take a length of the oneumatic tubing in the kit (like 3-4 ft), and hold one end to your ear. Then take the other end and put it next to your suspect fitting. You’d be surprised how easily you can hear whether or not it is leaking!