Leapmotion - A cheaper and better alternative to the Kinect?


This seems like possibly a new/better way to control robots using motions. Thoughts?

Hmm…looks interesting. For $70, it wouldn’t be all that bad to try out I guess. I have trouble however, believing that it is as accurate as it claims to be. I’d imagine that it still picks up background motion as any motion system does.

Tony Stark-esque images pop into mind of “holding” various Inventor’d parts for robot design now though… :smiley:

Thanks, SuperNerd. I will probably preorder this in the next few weeks, and will write a review for interfacing it with various CAD packages once I get the chance to play around with it. I have a feeling that like my 3D mouse, it will be most useful for presentation, but it could have very cool applications.

I applied for a dev kit the day the website went live, hopefully they pick us! We have some pretty insane ideas for this. :smiley:

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I personally see it like the kinect- good for impressing people, not as good for real use.

The fundamental problem I see is that there is no difference between thoughts and actions. This could be a problem in that as a driver, one will think before they act… but with this system, one acts as they think.

The only way around that I see is that one could find a way to control it w/o actual thoughts… but still, to me, it seems too susceptible to unconscious unintentional thoughts.

IMHO I’d rather just have Autonomous and Telop, but since hybrid is becoming such a big part of the game, I guess we have the do something with motion sensing.

Thanks SuperNerd256 i just Pre-ordered mine and i cant wait to get it in December/January and use it with inventor (and skyrim)