Learn to program in Java this summer

(I didn’t post this in the Java sub-forum since I’m assuming the people who check there already know Java)

If you’re intereseted in learning how to program, there are many resources avaialble online. I just got a message of an introductory Java course starting in June at Udacity.


I’m not affiliated with this website in any way, nor have I taken this particular course from them. However I have taken one of their online courses in the past and was really impressed. It’s as good if not better than taking an online course at a univeristy. They have real instructors teaching the courses who are avaialble to answer your questions, online exercises, etc. Bottom line, it’s a great resource and it’s free.

This class won’t teach you how to program for FRC specifically, but will teach programming language concepts which are critical for attacking the programming problems teams face each year.

The best way to be prepared for next season is to utilize the time during the off season to improve your skills. So if YOU have been thinking about trying your hand at programming, or are programming in LabVIEW and were wonding how to make the leap to another language, this is your stepping stone.