Learning C++ ?

First year programmer looking for any helpful resources or tips for working with and learning C++.
I have looked through the FIRST “Getting started with C++”

This might help you out:




honestly, this late in the game I say look at the screen steps. They should help you out.


Wait, actually I have a good book for you. If you truly don’t have any C++ experience, this should help you out. It’s an amazing book that starts from the very basics. Before getting into anything robotics related, read the first two chapters of that book.

EDIT: really, the third chapter is also necessary, but the first two is definitely a good start.

I understand the basics of chapter 1, along with if else statements etc. Chapters 2 & 3 look very helpful and will be a refresher in some areas - thank you very much!! ::rtm::

This video is very usefull for introducing most concepts of c++ in about an hour. The sample programs included in the software is a good resource as well. Most of your work will be looking through the WPILIB documentation (at least it has been for me). I wouldn’t say the languague itself will be particularly challenging if you have some experience with any other programming language. C++ is pretty expressive (means you can read the code out and it sounds somewhat like english). Good luck!