Learning from the Past: 2002 & 2006

I just wanted to share some interesting analytics from The Blue Alliance.

Since Kickoff, the most popular pages on The Blue Alliance have been the 2002 Einstein Field page and the 2006 Einstein Field page. 2006’s “Aim High” featured teams handling and shooting Poof balls. 2002’s “Zone Zeal” featured teams handling and scoring soccer balls in mobile goals not unlike this year’s.

It also appears that specifically, folks have been investigating successful robots from 2006. 968, 254, 233, 25, and 1114 all have a decent number of views on their 2006 robot pages, in addition to many other teams.

For a full breakdown of TBA traffic since Kickoff, check out the attached PDF. I think this sort of data mining is really interesting, and it’s neat to see what everyone is scoping out as they think up ideas for 2009!

Analytics_www.thebluealliance.net_20090103-20090105_(TopContentReport).pdf (44 KB)

Analytics_www.thebluealliance.net_20090103-20090105_(TopContentReport).pdf (44 KB)