Learning resources for robotics

I am looking for some good books and sites to teach the robotics and other stuff to go with building these robots.

Another way to teach kids how to build robots would be to go to engineering type companies and ask them if they have any engineers, code people, or even people that could help you raise money, then they can help guide the kids on the team in building the robot. Maybe not every company is willing to do this, but if you go to a few I’d be surprised if you don’t find anyone willing to help.

Also, people on Chief Delphi are always willing to help and FIRST is one of the best communities around, so if you need any help post questions here and I’m sure you’ll get some good answers.

I’m sorry if this post is not very helpful but I (and most members on my team for that matter) learned how to build these robots by doing just that, building the robots. There are no books or manuals on how to do it, you just have to pick up tidbits of information from other people, you school work, and the internet.

Sure some engineering textbooks are great. The same goes for a physics background. However, there is no way to learn better than working alongside engineers your rookie year with them letting you do most of the work (including design) but guiding you through it. Our team works by letting the kids do everything but if the adults catch a blaring flaw in the design or we don’t know how to do something, they help.

Heck, our rookie year, we had a plywood box with two motors and two drive wheels (roller casters in the front).

One resource I would have them look at is the numerous powerpoints. http://mnfirstregional.org/MNEvents/MNSplash.html and http://mnfirstregional.org/MNEvents/mentorinfo.html are some links to power points. They provide the absolute basics you need to know.

I know that I learned a lot of stuff just by having a CD account and just posting and reading threads in here.


Yes, I am sure if you ask questions here, people will be willing to answer them. As long, as the question hasn’t been answered before. Check the ‘Search’ feature to see.

There are a lot of resources on here, and the FIRST site, and wpi.edu, also.
FIRST also has partner sites, like FIRSTSite and NI FIRST.

For building the robot, most of it you will learn how to build it, by doing it.
FIRST does provide manuals for electrical and stuff.

For Programming, there are guides posted, and they will start you off with a frame code. To learn the actual languages, I recommend a book or even a class. I’ve seen The Basic of C and C++ for Dummies. NI does have some tutorials for LabView, and I am sure you could probably find a book if you wanted. I have seen online guides for programming languages, if you want to check those out. I just personally would prefer a book.

I know I haven’t covered everything, because I could go on for awhile.
If you have any questions, I will be willing to try and help.

Look at other successful teams’ bots and you can learn alot : 233,254/968,330,1114, and the list goes on and on.

I know its geared towards combat robots, but aside from a few chapters, most of the principles apply. It has a few oddities (for example, 6wd is considered exotic in the combat robot world), and a few areas that are obviously just irrelevant (pros and cons of internal combustion engines, weapons, etc.) but it goes into depth in most of the areas that a FIRSTer needs to know about. Obviously, you should look at many, many FIRST robots to see what is differant from FIRST robots and combat robots, but they are based on the same mechanical and (to a extent) electrical principals, and this book is the best I have found that puts it all in one place.

For areas not covered in it, Chiefdelphi can be incredible. I remember, during my first build season, going through CD much the way the Captain learned about earth in Wall-e. See a post about andymark, ???, Search it. Whats a dog shift? Search it. The answers buried here are quite vast.

Well, there are many books, but for the upcoming FTC kits, there are great resource books available on Amazon. These books will help a lot with programming the NXT system and have some functional ideas, such as arms, which are really fun to learn and to build.

This book is great for beginners. Especially programming
It the Unofficial NXT Inventor’s guide.

and this next book is a tad bit advanced. I’d prefer going through the first book, and then moving on to this book.

http://www.amazon.com/LEGO-MINDSTORMS-NXT-Idea-Book/dp/1593271506/ref=pd_bxgy_b_img_b .

That was for FTC.

For FRC, our freshman, are taught by older members. So it would be beneficial to seek out companies, people, and teams who are willing to help.