Due to unforeseen circumstances, our team has recently learned that our programmer will no longer be with our team. What is the quickest and easiest way to learn Labview?

Hello @ahudson, I recommend the following:

  1. Take a look at LearnNI.com for the basic introduction.
  2. Use the template that comes with LabVIEW for FRC, and the Tutorials tab in the LabVIEW Splash Screen
  3. I recommend you watch the FUNdamentals of LabVIEW for FRC (4 videos in which April, FTA and NI PSE) explains the concepts needed to develop in the pletform.
  4. NI also has a set of resources available to you in the FRC portal.

I hope this allows you to get up and running effectively!

If you have a nearby team, ask if your new programmer could spend some time with them learning from their programming lead and/or mentor.
Your team gets a jump start of your programming experience, their team gets a good story to tell the judges and the warm fuzzies of do-gooder-y.

Thanks! I don’t do well with surprises and this one caught me off guard.

I’ld like to also add:


http://workshop.frclabviewtutorials.com (the intro screen cast goes into how LabVIEW runs and how to use it, the advanced dives into sensors and control).

http://www.team358.org/files/programming/ControlSystem2015-2019/labview/index.php - lot’s of examples

PM or email me and I’ll send you my phone/email - willing to help where I can.

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The FIRST library for LabVIEW has a great Help tool. If you are unsure what a block does, or if you can’t figure out what a certain input does you can use Crtl+H and click a block, on the top right you will see the input/output names, datatypes and a short description of how it works. You can also click the More… link to open the LabVIEW helper, there you can find an even more detailed explanation. In the 3 years I have worked with it I haven’t found a block which didn’t have a helper page I couldn’t understand.

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Although it’s not much, I’ve put together this guide in the past to teach some of our newer programming members some of the basics of LabVIEW.

Feel free to PM me and I’d be happy to answer any questions your programmers have or set up some calls with them to help - whatever works for you guys.

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