Leaving bumpers out

We are currently not completely finished with our bumpers, and wondered if we are allowed to bring them to the competition outside the bag, and if that would count towards the 30lb of material we are allowed to bring? Please enlighten me.

Yes, you can bring them outside the bag. However, they will count against the 30 lb of withholding.

The bumpers, if outside a tagged bag will count towards the thirty pounds. You are allowed to bag and tag them just like the robot (in a separate bag) or have it entirely unassembled qualifying as COTS for them to not count.

I think that they can go in their own bag, or you could leave them out towards your 30 pound limit, but I would recommend getting them done while you can fit them onto the robot.

Note that if this method is used, the bumpers will need to be in the bag by the deadline Tuesday night.

Put the part(s) of your bumpers that is(are) finished into the bag (or a separate bag, I think) and bring the material(s) you need to finish to the competition. If you haven’t cut or changed them from how they were bought, they won’t count against your 30 lb. allotment.

Ok, thanks everyone! We’ll try to get them done (desperation mode tomorrow/tuesday), else we’ll bring some pool noodles (they’ll be COTS and won’t count towards the limit if we don’t cut them to size first, correct?) and bag the plywood backing.