Leaving for college...

As the summer is coming to an end most college students are getting ready to leave in this next week while high school students are getting ready for another year.

Four years of robotics has come and gone in a blink of an eye.

In my four years I have…won two regionals. several awards. one chairmans. ran into woodie flowers at the marta in ATL. rode a segway. met incredible people. made amazing friends. hugged cinniqua. got a kiss on the cheek from dean kamen. and so much more.

This is all because I joined a life-changing, life-fulfilling program. Where everyone who is a part of it, contributes in some way. (To think I almost didn’t because I thought it was a “guy” thing…)

What have you attained from robotics? Tell me…and everyone else on this forum. That way when someone reads it they will not only be impressed, but honored that they had some sort of influence on all of your accomplishments.

Whether I’ve met you or I haven’t…I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for your gracious professionalism, mentorship, dedication, integrity, knowledge, and personality that you have put towards FIRST. Continue to spread your passion to generations older and younger than you.

So FIRST Robotics and it’s community…thank you. good luck. and most important…I LOVE YOU ALL FOREVER.

When I first started applying to colleges, doing visits, and all those fun things, I convinced myself that while I had an amazing 4 years of Robotics, that I could leave it behind and move on to different things.

I realized soon after that it wasn’t the case…that even though I will not return as a mentor next year, I cannot say goodbye to this program 100%. College is a next step, a move, but it is not goodbye forever. I know I will have opportunities to volunteer, and I will relish them because they will be few and far between due to classes, exams, timing, and transportation.

For me its been only One and a half year. Although i joined robotics accidentally…but i still thank the people who got me into this. I’m just another fish in the pond, who’s life has been changed enormously just by being part of FIRST.
In this time period, I’ve not only learned about Science and Engineering, but also it gave me a chance to discover myself and how can i help my community and the world. As I’ve mentioned a lot of times, Its not only about building a robot, its about building each and every student and guiding them to the part of the infrastructure, where they can fit the best.
Although I’m heading to college, but I’ll still try my best to stay in touch with the FIRST community. FIRST has provided us (college students) with a lot of challenges, fun and memorable moments; and now its our time to take it to the next step.

I’ve learned that there are no “fish in a pond” types of cases with FIRST. It’s more like a river. FIRST is a breading ground for students to feed into a larger ocean of life. The students that I have seen graduate and move on have all become successful in college. I’m entering my 6th year as a FIRST fish. Although my role as a mentor will be extremely smaller than last year, I will undoubtedly gain more knowledge as that is the true goal of FIRST IMO.

I just wanted to say good luck all college students as the time gets close to leave for college. We will all miss you and don’t forget us while you are in college, come back and visit us.

Beach Boys is good ‘chore’ music for college preparation.
I think it’s all the oooooooo’s.