LED colors on robot (motors, speed controllers, certain electronics)

Talking specifically about the LED lights when robot has power. The only stuff that we have lights with are 6x VictorSPX, 4x Falcons, 1x PDP, 1x VRM, 1x PCM.

Disabled mode:
LEDs blinking orange with 2x Falcons a redder color (did not account for the PDP, VRM, PCM lights)

Enabled mode:
LEDS solid orange with the speed controllers either red/green or green/red depending on the way a motor was turning (did not account for Falcons, PDP, VRM, PCM lights)

Sounds good. Is there a problem?

Just that on last year’s bot they were blinking regardless of the modes but did go to red/green or green/red. Not sure if this is the way it is supposed to act for 2020 (solid when enabled)?

Solid orange when enabled and within deadband is correct and the same as last year.


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