LED Control VIs?

Are there any VIs used to control Smart LEDs, or any other type of Smart light, in Labview? If so, where is it?

There are generic I2C and SPI communication VIs, but you have to tailor the communication to match the device you want to control.

What LEDs are you planning to use? Some other team might already have done the programming for them.

We are using NeoPixel LEDs, but I have been looking around and cannot find anything other than arduino examples. Now I may not be looking in the right places, I have been googleing examples and searching around on here.

Neopixel LEDs have such tight timing requirements (100 ns) that the standard usage is to dedicate an arduino to handle them. To try to handle them on the roboRIO would require dedicating a lot of processing power.

I was just talking with my mentor and found out that we are not using NeoPixels after all, so we are going with DotStar because of that reason.

DotStar LEDs use SPI communication. Connect them to the proper roboRIO pins, send them the right data, and you should be good to go.

Ok thank you