LED Display Driver

I’m looking for a low cost LED display driver. I need to drive 9 digits.

I’ve checked out the MAXIM6950, but they are $7.72 a piece and I would need two for my application. The drivers alone would be half the total cost of the product.

Any ideas?


Request samples? Or are you making a lot of these things?

I’ve requested samples for the prototype. I’d like to market/sell this product, but at such a high price I don’t think its currently feasible.

Im not sure how mnay you are trying to sell, but generally bulk orders are cheaper. I dont know how much cheaper the parts would be, but maybe a bulk order would make it more reasonable.

Well you can get a quotation from a distributor for like 100~500 pcs. When selling in small quantities, a few $ per piece is acceptable to most people.
Is $7.72 the price quoted to you for small qty? I see $4.29 for 1k…