LED Flasher connection

To where do I connect the 4 wire connector in order to make the LED flasher work?

Read the manual, it is explained there.

On the RC there are connectors just for that, look for it.

To be a bit more specific, it plugs into the “Team Color” outputs on the RC. :slight_smile:


Were do i find that? im still unable to find that plug myself

Check out this file from IFI’s website:

Look on page 2 right under the table of contents has a diagram showing all the connections. The color connectors are at the top of the board next to the PWM connectors.

Page 10 of that document contains more helpful info about the Team Color outputs.

Hope that helps.

wow im out of it thanks for that but i ended up finding it. It was printed on the black board its self in big letters.

Maybe i need some sleep?