LED Flasher

Is the LED Flasher on page 22 of the KOP check list required this year?

Yes… but at the moment I can’t seem to find the rule requiring it. Perhaps it is in a Q&A somewhere, or a team update. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it, but it is too late at night to do a thorough search. In any case, it doesn’t require any programming, you just plug it in to the correct port on the RC and put the light somewhere where the field officials can see it.

Oh, yeah… and keep the guy with the mallet away from it.


<R66> ROBOTS shall use the diagnostic LED flasher provided in the Kit Of Parts. Field personnel
will use the LED flasher during the MATCHES for diagnostic purposes. Up to (4) LEDs can
be installed on one robot. The diagnostic LED flasher is supplied with a four–wire cable with
a length of approximately 6 feet