LED Flashlights

Hi All,

I just wanted to see if anyone had any thoughts on a good LED flashlight. I have a couple requirements. One, it must be small enough to fit on a keychain in my pocket, two it must be white (not blue), three it must have a switch that doesn’t turn on accidentally in my pocket…I hate that.



Here is the site for the best LED flashlight on the planet.



I have lots of LED flashlights (see my web site for a few). I really like the $6 white-LED flashlight I currently have on my keychain. Here’s a Link. It runs off 1-AAA, so batteries are cheap, and it is pretty bright. You twist the endcap to turn it off, so it is unlikely to turn on, as long as you unscrew it enough. They have them in silver(ish) at Target, and in lots of other colors at WalMart (Mine’s gold).

They also have larger models of the same flashlight. Check out the companie’s web site for all their products.

I found these on ThinkGeek the other day …
Arc LED flashlight
Photon Light 3
Inova X5 LED Flashlight **