Our team purchased this LED package from AndyMark. We are using labview and wish to make these LEDS act as feeback LEDs (Like when the robot is in range of the goal or if it is in autnomous or teleop). We are lost however. :frowning:
We are wondering how to use this package to control the lights and have the microcontroller communicate with the cRio so that we can continue to use LabView to control the lights. Please help.

Is the microcontroller an Arduino? If so, there is an Arduino interface for LabVIEW that you can use. http://sine.ni.com/nips/cds/view/p/lang/en/nid/209835

Have you used the LabVIEW Arduino interface? It’s designed to take over the Arduino completely and read data from the arduino to LabVIEW for processing. It isn’t designed to provide an interface for talking to an existing Arduino program. I don’t think it will help.

You can always not use the microcontroller and use a spike instead. This would allow you to control the led’s and use an already existing vi library in labVIEW FRC.

No, thes LEDs are not “on-off” LEDs, they are a string of individually address-able LEDs. They need a controller (like an Arduino) to send out address signals. You can’t do that with a Spike.

Oops, wrong program. I have that interface; works well for LEDs and sensors.